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Mississauga Uniform Guard Services

One of the most recognized services a security firm can provide is uniformed guard services. Having a guard in full uniform at your site ensures high visibility and peace of mind.

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Mississauga Parking Enforcement

DiFranco Security Services can provide your property with effective and affordable parking enforcement options

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Mississauga Mobile Patrol Guard Service

DiFranco Security Services provides short or long term mobile patrol and alarm response services.


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DiFranco Security Services specializes in providing professionally trained Mississauga uniformed Security Guards to protect both people and property. Our Security Guards work in commercial and residential settings throughout Mississauga, ON to prevent and deter crime as well maintain a safe and secure environment by being highly visible, incredibly prepared, and organized. Having one of our Security Guards present at your business, home or special event will help to deter criminals and prevent security issues from arising.

We pride ourselves in our strong customer service and support. Our security guards consistently meet and exceed the standards set out by our customers and provide a level of safety and confidence that exceeds other security companies. Security guard requirements are diverse and unique to each individual situation this is why we offer a variety of different forms of Mississauga Security Guard Services.

When you work with our Uniformed Security Guards, you are working with professional, dedicated and specially trained individuals who take pride in keeping you and your property safe and secure. All of our security guards show respect, common sense, and professionalism while maintaining an authoritative position.  Each of our security guards is skilled in the application of force, fundamentals of protection, as well as observation and recording techniques. Our security guards will work tirelessly to ensure that your safety is our priority.

We can provide Security Guard Services in Mississauga, ON:
- Condo/ Apartment/ Office Buildings
- Concierge
- Construction Sites
- Private Functions
- Banquet Halls
- Shopping Malls & Plazas
- Warehouses
- Special Events
- VIP Protection
- Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response
- Bike Patrol
- And More...

Service You Can Trust!

Our Services Include:

Professionally trained Security guards, parking enforcement services, static commercial, residential and industrial security guards, mobile security patrols, alarm response, VIP protection, and more....

Our Approach

Our approach to service is very simple; we remain focused on the details of safety and security as we serve with heart and commitment. If it is important to our clients, then it is critical to us.


Security Guard Training now being offered as Evening and Weekend Classes.: Click Here For Details

DiFranco Security Services offers clients protection with a level of service that surpasses the competition.

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